Terms of Service

By using this service, you automatically agree with the following terms and conditions.
Last edit: 08.12.2016
These terms and conditions can be changed at any time without any notification and you will automatically agree with them.
1. sNode.Space is trying to ensure the continuous availability of this service. Nevertheless, a claim to constant availability does not exist. All services in connection with this service will be provided on voluntary basis only.
2. The users email address or Telegram account are required to protect this service. sNode.Space reserves the right to occasionally inform the user about new features of this service or offers.
3. Non-compliance with sNode.Space rules leads to the temporary or eternal account suspension.
1. It is not allowed to upload files that violate applicable laws of your country or the country of people who download these files.
2. The user is solely responsible for the content of uploaded files and obligates itself to release sNode.Space from any demands of third parties against file hosting.
3. sNode.Space is not responsible for the files located on it.
4. All uploaded files that don't comply with the rules of the sNode.Space can be removed by administration of a service at any time without any notication.
Forbidden to publish the following information:

- Materials that are contrary to the laws of any country;

- Shocking video content;

- Archives with encrypted file list;

- Information that contains threats, discredits or offends other users or third parties, is vulgar, obscene, is fraudulent, infringes on personal or public interests, promotes racial, religious, ethnic hatred or enmity;

- Intellectual property, copying is prohibited by the original owners;

- Files that contain or may contain viruses or malware;

- Information which, on the personal opinion of the Administration is undesirable.

The use of files provided by sNode.Space is at your own risk. This refers in particular to the functionality and availability of files as well as damage caused by the use of the files. sNode.Space cannot guarantee that the provided files are virus-free.
1. sNode.Space has the right to collect personal user data, process and utilize, in providing for the establishment, content or design changes to the service, and thus the related services are needed.
2. sNode.Space has the right to collect personal data on the use of the service, process and utilize, to the extent necessary to enable the user to use of services (usage data).
3. sNode.Space has the right to keep logs about user actions with the service for further analysis or delivery to law enforcement authorities.